We care


Sustainable design

Rather than following strictly the current design or fashion trends we develop products for longevity. We believe in sustainable and ecofriendly practices, we use natural hemp fibers, non-toxic water-based inks and cooperate with local manufacturers to minimize our carbon footprint. All Rokka products are made of 100% Transylvanian hemp. We love the tactile and organic nature of this fantastic natural fiber. Hemp can be grown organically in poor soil and is naturally drought, pest, and disease resistant, eliminating the need for synthetic chemicals and reducing the demand on dwindling water supplies. Hemp fabric also uses less chemicals to produce and is softer, warmer, more absorbent and durable than cotton. Hemp fabric was discovered to possess strong anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as anti-fungal properties, hence it is optimal for kids and baby goods. Hemp fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Focusing on children’s needs

We have carefully chosen best quality natural hemp textiles for our products as hemp fabric is known to be hypoallergenic and to possess strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as anti-fungal properties. In addition, organic hemp fiber breathes and is recyclable, hence it is optimal for bath towels, bathing accessories, bed covers, bed spreads and kitchen items. Hemp bath towels, bed linen and hemp clothing will treat babies sensitive skin kindly, will keep your child cool in the summer heat and take the chill off in wintertime (for hemp textile is known to be four times warmer than cotton fabric). Hemp linen will leave no chemical residues on the body and is more resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun than any other kind of fabric.

Carefully handmade

All Rokka products are carefully designed and handmade in Budapest, Hungary. We are lucky to have found the most dedicated Hungarian manufacturers and artisans to bring our vision to life. We were so lucky to meet craftsmen who could professionally and personally relate to what we do at Rokka. In this globally consuming environment, we find it so important to preserve that kind of treasure. When you buy any of our handcrafted items, they are made with great attention by people who are committed to create something unique.